Fitness365 ‘Active Communities’ Program

Fitness365 is India’s 1st Fitness and Sports Assessment, Intervention and Monitoring Program for Schools and Organisations. Fitness365 helps build Active Schools and Active Communities through structured Sports, Health and Fitness programs. Fitness365’s Programs are inclusive in nature, aims at participation in physical activities by all, and works with resources and infrastructure in each corporate. It’s first of it’s kind and duly recognized by expert body. All the during office programs/workshops and outdoor activities are conducted by highly qualified and experienced trainers. Our endeavor is always to make the sessions highly motivating, informative, effective with an element of fun in them.

Adopt the Round-the-year ‘Active Workplace’ Program

Build a culture of Sports within the organisation and benefit from working closely with Fitter and Happier colleagues.

Fitness365 helps creating a series of integrated and holistic Round-the-Year activities include Keep fit Desk exercises, Facial yoga, HIIT at work place for health and fitness, Pranayam and Meditation session with work place friendly Yoga postures, Zumba/Aerobics session, apart from regular Outdoor and Adventure Activities and Camps. We ensure that all the employees, irrespective of their age groups, gender and abilities are involved and participative. All activities are engaging and fun in nature, and work within the space and time available.
Round-the-year Fitness365 Active Workplace Program

Fitness is Fun

Celebrate a Special Day

Round-the-year Fitness365 Active Workplace Program

Be Active, Eat Smart.

SAM Workshops

Round-the-year Fitness365 Active Workplace Program

Go Out and Play

Outdoor Sports, Fitness and Adventure Activities

Explore the Himalayas

As part of our ongoing initiative to create active communities with active lifestyles we present to you our weekend getaways. These not only come as a refreshing change from the routine office life but also help in better bonding between people.