Round-the-year Fitness365 Active Workplace Program

Build a culture of Sports within the organisation and benefit from working closely with Fitter and Happier colleagues. Fitness365 helps creating a series of integrated and holistic Round-the-Year activities include Keep fit Desk exercises, Facial yoga, HIIT at work place for health and fitness, Pranayam and Meditation session with work place friendly Yoga postures, Zumba/Aerobics session, apart from regular Outdoor and Adventure Activities and Camps. We ensure that all the employees, irrespective of their age groups, gender and abilities are involved and participative.
All activities are engaging and fun in nature, and work within the space and time available. Each Employee is individually tracked for his progress in Fitness Levels. Quarterly Assessment of Physical Fitness is done using a battery of Physical Fitness, Body Composition and Posture tests to identify the fitness level of each employee. Individual Fitness Assessment Report Card is give to each employee, along with recommendations and goals. The round-the-year Inside-office and outdoor activities are progressive, structured and inclusive in nature, and aim at participation in physical activities by all, and works with available resources and infrastructure. It is first of its kind in India.

clock_iconsSession Duration for In-Office Activities:
1 hour, for 30/35 people.

clock_iconsRecommended No. Of Sessions:
Once or twice per week

Activities include

Sports Meet

With Families




Zumba Session

Desk Yoga


Yoga Outdoors

Step Aerobics

Facial Yoga

Team Building Game