Fitness365 Insights

Fitness Data of school going students since June 2010 (over 1,20,000 students) shows that participation in Physical Activities during childhood can aid the development of motor abilities and lay the foundation for good health, especially cardiovascular health.

Education beyond Classrooms:
Studies show Sports and Physical Activity improves Academic Performance, Decision Making and Leadership Skills

Perform better Academically

Apply thinking and Decision Making Skills

Demonstrate Teamwork and Fair Play

Belief and Confidence in Self

Fitness365 Research Findings

School Children in India need to be more active


2 out of 3 kids today are inactive


Only 6% are in A or A+ category (80-100 percentile)


1 out of 4 kids are overweight


26% are in B and B+ category (60-80 percentile)


2 out of 5 kids are underweight


32% children performed above 60 percentile


1% children are Sports Fit