Fitness365 Programs for Building Active Schools

Fitness365 is India's 1st Assessment, Intervention and Monitoring Program for School Children. The Fitness365 program strives to widen the concept of 'Fitness for All' and promote Fitness as round the year activity. The Fitness365 program curriculum is structured and progressive in nature to be able to cater to children from Class Nursery to Class XII with definite results.

Why should there be focus on good Physical Fitness in Schools?

Participation in physical activity during childhood can aid the development of motor abilities and lay the foundation for good health, especially cardiovascular health.

Benefits to Schools and Students

Do you know the Fitness level of your child?

Fitness365’s National Fitness Program is first of it’s kind, duly recognised by an expert body, and it helps schools assess, track and recognise the Children’s fitness and physical activity levels.

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Is your School an Active School?

Take a leap. Adopt the Fitness Full Year Program in your school, and take advantage of best practices for improving the overall Fitness levels, Sports and Life Skills in the school.

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Fitness365 has been conceptualized by professionals with extensive experience in Major International Multi-Sporting events like Commonwealth Games 2010, Olympics and other Multi-Sporting International Events and with education from LNIPE, BITS Pilani and IIMC.

As a member of Sports Skills Council (SPEFL-SC) India, Fitness365 aligns itself to the National and State Boards and the National Skills Qualifications Framework (NSQF) that organises all qualifications according to a series of levels of knowledge, skills and aptitude to provide quality Sport, Health and Physical Education program in schools.

Fitness365 Programs for Schools

TOP Sports Coaching

Top of Pyramid (TOP) Sports Coaching Program for Athletic and Sports Fit Children

Structured Sports, Health and Physical Education Program


Full Year Sports, Health and Physical Education (SHAPE365) Program for All Children

Peak the Mountains

Peak the Mountains

Build an Active Community through Adventures Sports, Mountaineering and Trekking.

National Sports Day

Celebrate National Sports Day in your Organisation. Upload the pictures and videos. Get Recognised.

FICCI-Fitness365 National Fitness Program

National Fitness Program

Implement the National Fitness Program in your School or Organisation. Empower your Staff. Assess their Fitness Levels. Get Recognised.

Skill Education and Development Initiatives

Development of National Occupational Standards and Qualification Packs for Sports Coaching, Pool Lifeguard, Sports Masseur and Fitness Trainer; Train-the-Trainer Program for Physical Activity Trainers

Spaces for Sports - Sports Infrastructure Development

Quality Indoor and Outdoor Sports Infrastructure development for your Institution



“It is important to have a scientific approach to Fitness and Sports Education by schools and parents. India must invest in developing Fitness and Sports at a Grassroot level for it to succeed in the world stage. … More Testimonials


Shree Ajit Pal Singh

Ex-Captain, Indian Hockey Team

F365 Active Connect

Online monitoring of the curriculum, activities, fitness assessments and recommendations for School and Parents.